Blogmas Day 15 – Our Cats

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog.

Cats have always been a HUGE part of my family.

My nanan had them, so my mum had them, so I have them.

Currently we have 2 cats, Libby and Milo. Here’s a little bit more about them..

Libby is the eldest cat, she’s 14 years old and loves attention. Belly rubs are her favourite and she’s very talkative. She meows constantly and loves to be around people.

People ask us quite often if she’s pregnant, but no she isn’t pregnant, just lazy. She doesn’t like to leave the house or be alone. She’s so lazy that we can dress her up or balance things on her and she just won’t care.

My dad was working one day and a colleague asked him if he wanted a rare grey tabby kitten. Ofcourse my dad said yes as we had other cats at the time and the colleague handed him a kitten. This kitten wasn’t in a box, was extremely thin, had worms, was dying and wasn’t a grey tabby cat. When my dad questions the man he told him that he would gladly throw the cat into the road with her siblings if my dad didn’t want her. So obviously my dad took her home and we cared for her.

The vets told us that she had a heart problem and wouldn’t live for very long, but here she is 14 years later. I think she’s a beautiful cat with the friendliest personality I’ve ever met. She’s the most important cat that I’ve ever had and is so caring that we nicknamed her “nurse Libby”. This is because if anyone is crying, she’ll be straight there trying to comfort them. I know everyone says that their pet is special, but I really believe that Libby is. She has the personality of a human and is a huge part of the family. Anyone that meets her would agree!

Milo is 2 years old currently. After one of our previous cats sadly passed away, we wanted Libby to have company.

We searched online for a female Mainecoon kitten as my mum had never had a Mainecoon before.

We found a seller and drove for an hour in floodwater and torrential rain to collect the kitten. When we arrived at their house it was a state.. it was unclean and questionable as to wether their cats would be well looked after…

Female Mainecoons are more expensive than males, so we paid extra and took Milo home.

Once we took him to the vets, we were told that he is in fact a boy! We’d originally called him Mia but changed his name to Milo.

He loves to chew things, doesn’t make much noise, is always leaving dead animal presents around the house and is super playful.

On an evening he loves to cuddle up with us and be close to our chests, but during the day he’s usually outside.

He’s not great at balancing and often falls off of things. He also stares at people a lot, doesn’t seem to understand commands and loves to watch what people are doing as he’s very inquisitive.

Before Milo, we had Felix. Felix was my nanan’s cat and when she passed away, we took him in.

He was originally my nanan’s neighbbour’s kitten. Her cat gave birth to a litter and when they moved away, they took Felix with them.

However Felix found his way back to my nanan’s house, so they said that she could keep him.

He was very playful, super friendly, loved people and we miss him very much.

Before I was born, my dad bought my mum Smudge and Poppet. He told her that he was going to the shop but was actually gone for over an hour. She’d made him dinner but it was now cold, and she assumed he’d gone to the pub with his friends. When he came home she was angry, and told him his dinner was ruined, so he said “fine I’ll eat one of these then” and handed her a box. Inside the box was 2 kittens. He’d originally planned on buying just 1, but as they were the only 2 left he just couldn’t leave the last one all alone.

They went everywhere together even after I was born. But while I was very young, Poppet passed away from a heart condition. Smudge never really got over it and became very recluse.

She wouldn’t let people touch her other than my mum. She didn’t want to play or do anything anymore, and she stayed that way until she passed away while we had Felix and Libby.

Also before I was born, my nanan found 2 stray cats in her garden. They were bother and sister and also were inseparable. She let them into her house and they never left!

So she kept them and named them Tom and Lucy. They only trusted my nanan, they wouldn’t even let my grandad or my mum go near them.

They were constantly on edge and would run away if anyone came near.

When my nanan passed away my grandad moved here to Yorkshire with us from Hertfordshire. He brought Felix and tried to bring Tom and Lucy with him but couldn’t get close enough to catch them.

Unfortunately the RSCPA had to take them away and we never saw them again…

Before then, my nanan had plenty of cats.

Zukki (a Birman)

Mitzy (a Grey Persian)

Tiger (a ginger longhair, and my nanan’s all time favourite cat. She even chose to keep his ashes as she wanted her own ashes to be kept with his.)

Benny and Lenny (ginger shorthair twins)

And that’s just to name a few… her and my mum even had a King Charles Cavalier dog called Charlie when my mum was my age! (The first and only time they had a dog!)

Here are some old photos that I’ve managed to find with all of my nanan’s and mum’s old cats!

I guess you could say we’re a family of crazy cat ladies, but we love it that way!

Thank You for reading!

Do you have any pets? Let me know in the comments!

See you guys tomorrow for another Blogmas,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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