Blogmas Day 14 – Hotel Chocolat Christmas Range

Hi everyone!

As you probably know by now, in the past Hotel Chocolat has sent me free items to promote to you guys.

I’ve also been talking about their advent calendar during a few Blogmas posts.

I even made a blog post about their autumn products!

But in this blog I’m going to tell you guys about their Christmas range. They have so many products for the festive holidays I couldn’t have them all, so I’m only talking about a select few items today.

This will be my last time working with Hotel Chocolat as they don’t want to continue our time together due to me preferring to be paid for my work and them not paying their influencers.

Obviously the first thing we have to address is the advent calendar!

Then we have the Christmas trees are £7.50 for 10 chocolates.

A dozen portly penguins also cost £7.50

Snowflakes were £6 for 2 salted caramel chocolate snowflakes

Cookie Wreath is £7

I haven’t tasted or tried most of the items that I’ve mentioned as I’m going to add them to a giveaway for you guys but usually I do genuinely enjoy the taste and flavours of their chocolates.

A little bit pricy but definitely worth the money for the quality!

Hopefully this encourages you guys to check out their products or try your first Hotel Chocolat product!

See you guys again in tomorrow’s Blogmas post!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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