Blogmas Day 12 – Charlotte Tilbury Natughy and Nice Magic Box Advent Calendar

Hi everyone!

One day in November I heard a knock at the door. I ran downstairs to find a big parcel, but I wasn’t expecting anything any day soon… I opened it up and found the Charlotte Tilbury Naught And Nice Magic Box Advent Calendar inside!

Their PR team hadn’t told anyone that these were coming, it was an amazing Christmas surprise and I almost cried with happiness!

I know I was supposed to wait until December before I opened any of the boxes, but I just couldn’t help myself and opened each one!

Here are the items that I found inside….

Wonder Glow Primer – I had already received a larger version of their wonderglow as a PR gift a few months previously, so I probably won’t be using this item and will include it in a mini giveaway!

Magic Cream – Just like the wonderglow, I already had the large £70 Magic Cream from a previous PR package that will last me for most of my life, so I won’t need this either…

Supermodel Body – Ive never heard of this product before and I can’t see myself using it as I’m not usually one to use products on my body other than moisturisers, but that doesn’t mean that this is a bad product! I’ll also add this to the giveaway!

Rock and Khol, Amber Moon – I usually use dark black pencil eyeliners in my waterline, but since trying this brown shade I haven’t looked back! It feels so much more “natural” and subtle to me.

Full Fat Lashes – Im a huge lover of mascara. I’d never used this item before until now, and I really liked it! It wasn’t as clumpy and thick as my usual mascara choices, but it definitely looks a lot more natural and doesn’t make my eyelashes clump together!

Multi Miracle Glow – Another item that I probably won’t use, just because I’m not the kind of person to use this type of product. Into the giveaway it goes!

Mesmerising Mink – I tried this product just once in my Youtube review video, and decided that it wasn’t really for me. I much prefer a powder or cream shadow over a pencil one, but I understand that many other would probably love this item! So another one to add to my giveaway..

Unleash Me – Although this item looks like a liquid lipstick, it’s actually a gloss! (I found that out the hard way). I like the colour however I prefer lipglosses to be glossy and soft rather than stiff. The texture reminds me of a sheer liquid lipstick.

Goddess Skin Clay Mask – I love this product! I’m such a big facemask fan, I’m a little bit obsessed… It’s so fun to use, I just wish there was more product in the tube.

Walk of Shame Matte lipstick – The colour of this lipstick is one that I haven’t had before, and I haven’t ever had a square-ended lipstick either. I was skeptical about wether or not the application would be any good, but it applies just like a normal lipstick! I really love it, it’s such an autumn/winter shade!

Take It All Off – I usually use makeup wipes to remove my makeup just as I find it easier and faster, but every now and then I get a burst of energy and think “I’ll actually treat my skin today”. This product works perfectly and doesn’t feel greasy at all!

Eyes To Mesmerise – The final product is this eyeshadow. It’s a super pigmented and shiny cream eyeshadow. I love this product, it’s quite possibly my favourite out of all of the boxes and I’ll definitely use it again and again!

Overall I’m really happy with this product! If I was a huge skincare obsessive and didn’t stick to the same products again and again, then I’d probably use every item in here. However, I don’t think that I’d pay £150. I understand that it’s an expensive brand and the packaging is beautiful, but i also understand that most people wouldn’t want to pay that much for the small samples. I’m extremely lucky to have received this for free from their amazing PR team, it’s unreal how lovely they are. Charlotte Tilbury is 100% one of my favourite brands to promote for!

I hope that you enjoyed this review and that it might’ve encouraged you to buy some of the items featured in the boxes!

Thanks to everyone for reading my Blogmas so far, I’m really enjoying sharing so much with you all!

Best wishes ~ Becca

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