Blogmas Day 8 – How You Can Help Charities This Christmas!

Hi everyone!

In today’s Blogmas I’m going to remind you guys about charity.

If you’re thinking of some last minute presents, stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts then why not help out charities too!?

There are plenty of charity’s that sell Christmas gifts where your money goes to helping others at a reasonable price.

For example – Cancer Research who sells things from a Reindeer Rubber Duck, hot water bottles, to baubles and candles etc.. –

How about a portable charger or kid’s puzzle games from Unicef? –

Love hedgehogs? Buy hedgehog themed gifts while saving hedgehogs over on –

Fun Christmas extras for around your office or home while helping those with Alzheimers –

If you want to donate money or goods directly to a charity rather than by buying gifts, be sure to do it with plenty of time leading up to Christmas. That way the charity can use the money to prepare for Christmas rather than only receiving it the day before.

I’d also like to remind you about those who work on Christmas Day. Like our emergency services, police, firefighters, paramedics, ambulance service, care home workers, all the people that save lives! Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean that people won’t get sick or hurt or wont need care. People give up their time and days to care for people even when they could be at home with their families eating a Christmas turkey while opening gifts.

Give them a break this year by not going to A&E for non-emergency reasons. Got a cough, small cut or something that won’t kill you or can be solved from home? Then don’t waste their time!

Got a non-emergency medical problem? Call 111!

Got a non-emergency police problem? Call 101!

I hope that this encourages you all to spare a thought for others during this time of the year!

Please be sure to remind others too!

I hope you’re enjoying my Blogmas so far and be sure to follow me to keep up to date when I upload!

See you guys again tomorrow…

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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