Blogmas Day 7 – Decorating The House

Hi everyone!

Last week me and my family decorated the house!

It was my job to decorate the living room so I started with the decorative display cabinet.

I draped a pine garland over the top, decorated with baubles.

I placed colour changing glitter candles with our dangly-legged ceramic decorations and miniature bridge candle holder.

Around the books I placed fake plants and berries.

And around the plants I added little Christmas extras.

On top of the fire place I kept the advent calendars, then hung a Christmas wreath with pine cones.

I also added some fake berries into the big plant.

For the window we hung lights across the front. Our cats like their beds to be on the windowsill so we had to place our decorations around them.

For the tree, we used gold tinsel and garlands.

We then hung small baubles and the odd large interesting one. These included a giant Mickey Mouse, a batman dog and a few glass and decorated baubles.

In the hallway we hung a fabric advent calendar, given to me as a gift from the store Joe Browns.

And along the staircase we added candy cane garlands.

Outside we have a wreath which we’ve had for years, as well as a hand-made log reindeer made by our lock smith (long story…)

Finally, the last Christmas touch was for my bedroom. I used my pink miniature Christmas tree that I display every year, and covered it in my tiny baubles.

That’s it! That’s our house done…

I’m always excited to decorate the house every year and I know we don’t do as much as many other people, but it’s cosy and each piece has a meaning!

Thank you for reading my blog post and for keeping up with my Blogmas!

See you guys tomorrow!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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