Blogmas Day 6 – My Christmas Wish List

Hi everyone!

This year I’ve had so many people asking me what I want for Christmas, and honestly I had no idea!

Preferably my ideal gift would be something that I am likely to use or that could make my room a little bit more interesting.

I’ve just spent the last hour searching the internet for ideas, and here’s what I’ve thought of so far!

P.S. Don’t take any of the photos literally! I don’t expect to receive any of these items, this is more of a dream-list.

However if you’re planning to use this list as a guide (Yes, I’m looking at you Mum!) then similar items are equally as fine. They don’t have to look exactly like the items in the photos, these are just to inspire ideas!

(Screenshots and ideas are from Pinterest, Google Images or brand websites!)

Bedroom –

In my bedroom everything is white and minimalistic. The walls, the furniture, the extras. I’d like to keep it that way but with a little extra statement pieces that will really make my room feel complete.

(I love pastel pinks, greys, white marbles and rose golds as colour schemes for little extra decorations!)

(I love white faux fur, never real fur!)

(All my bedsheets are primarily white, doesn’t really matter what pattern!)

(There’s always room for more storage)

(Fake plants would bring life to my room)

(A bigger or more portable ring light would be useful!)

(Thick knit blankets look amazing!)

(Can’t go wrong with photo frames!)

(A lampshade to replace my holographic one!)

(A full-length mirror that isn’t a wardrobe)

(I could really do with a makeup sorter! For my makeup desk!)

Fashion –

Since recently becoming more interested in fashion, I’d love to have the opportunity to try new items and create new makeup looks! Here are a few items that would be great additions to my collection.

(I’m particularly a fan of Too Faced cosmetics, Spectrum Brushes and Charlotte Tilbury)

(Dark shades suit my eye colour!)

(Light shades would be nice to mix up my makeup a bit!)

(Nude coloured lipsticks are always a win)

(Chanel, YSL and Ted Baker are my favourite high-end makeup items, and they aren’t always as expensive as you’d think!)

(All LUSH items are fab!)

(Cute Clothes! I love moschino but if you don’t feel comfortable buying clothes, vouchers are equally as great!)

(Handbags…. Preferably pink with a shoulder strap.)

(I’m always in need of some pyjamas! Preferably satin or silk-like material..)

(I need more pretty makeup brushes!)

(Pandora bracelet charms or even rings are always so beautiful!)

Extras –

Even though I am a 20 year old woman, I still have a bit of a soft spot for kawaii and cute characters or extras! I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it, I just can’t help but find them so cute!

(Especially Stitch, Rilakkuma, Pusheen, Gudetama and Totoro!)

(I collect Britto statues but haven’t got my hands on a Stitch just yet!)

(Gudetama is the cutest little egg!)

(Pusheen reminds me of my cat Libby!)

(Rilakkuma is my favourite bear!)

I hope this gave you some kind of idea of what I’m like and the sort of things I’d like as gifts.

Thank you for reading my Blogmas posts so far and see you tomorrow!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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