Blogmas Day 4 – Birmingham German Christmas Market

Hi everyone!

Last week, me and my best friend Jess took a coach trip to Birmingham to see the German Christmas Market.

We took the coach from our town, all the way there, which took around 2 and a half hours.

Once we left the coach we took a look around the Chinese quarters but couldn’t find many things to do. We visited a small local Asian supermarket, then tried to find our way to the Bullring afterwards.

The Bullring is the local shopping mall, but because we took so long trying to find it and got lost, we didn’t have much time to look at everything.

We made our way to Selfridges as that was the only shop that wasn’t in our local city. This was 4 floors and each one had different items, brands and styles, including Missguided, Tiffany and Co, Chanel, YSL, and so many more! Most of the items were out of our price range but I did manage to buy a sparkly Missguided skirt.

We also visited the Fumo restaurant on the 4th floor of Selfridges. This wasn’t necessarily cheap or affordable but it was an extremely beautiful place, high quality with a nice open-top view of the rest of the Bullring shops and not the kind of restaurant we’d usually get to visit back at home.

After this we decided to head to the Christmas market. Unfortunately, we got lost AGAIN, and had to ask a police officer for help! We eventually got to the market and bought hot chocolates with matching mugs.

We headed down to a local cafe called Twist which sold bubble tea and Taiyaki. But again, UNFORTUNATLEY, it took so long that by the time we left it had started to get dark and we had to rush back for the coach home.

We didn’t get much time to properly look around or shop at the markets but we got a quick glance at the kind of things that they sold, including German food, gloves, wooden ornaments, etc.

It was disappointing that we didn’t get more time to browse the market or get more photos etc, but it will be there for the next few weeks if you’re thinking of visiting!

It was also very well protected with barriers and anti-terror blockades, plus each stall had Christmas-related decorations! Definitely worth a day trip out!

I’d love to know where your favourite Christmas markets are, or wether you plan to visit any this month!

See you guys tomorrow!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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