Blogmas Day 2 – My Christmas Gift Guide

Hi everyone!
Today I’m going to share with you guys my Christmas gift guide, based on items that I’ve tried myself and really love!


Bilou is a German brand that have recently started to sell their products in UK Superdrug stores. They make shower foam, body sprays and moisturising foams. There are 5 different scents to choose from, and each one is amazing! I 100% believe that anyone who loves baths or sweet scented products will really appreciate these gifts! I received all of these for free, and can’t recommend them enough! I’m obsessed.

So fragrance have some gorgeous scents currently. They’re available in boots, Superdrug and online! They’re constantly bringing out new smells and each smells completely different to the next. They’re strong scented and smell just like expensive perfumes, plus they last for a long time without wearing off! I also received these for free but again I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve been a fan of theirs since I was a kid and still love them even now as an adult.

Know a face mask lover? Buy them GlamGlow this Christmas! They’re finally available in Boots stores and all of their products are amazing! I can’t think of any reason not to buy them! I’ve loved their products for years and when they finally arrived in Boots I ran out and bought one of their gravity muds, then by coincidence they also sent me a few free gifts to try out too! I can honestly say that their products have helped my skin and they’re so much fun to use!

The Body Shop currently have a new range out, Pumpkin and Vanilla. I’m not a HUGE fan of the smell but I can understand why many people might be! Their body butters have always been super moisturising and leaves my skin smooth for days. I received this body butter for free, but I recommend any and all Body Shop products as I’ve tried so many during my lifetime. They’re a cruelty free brand and always manage to create beautiful smelling items. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Body Shop gift.

Obviously LUSH is on this list as I’m obsessed with their products. I always have been. Whenever I pass a LUSH store I always find myself popping in “just for a look” then leaving with the entire store in my bag. The bath bombs are my all-time favourite, and if you know someone that’s a huge bath bomb fan then they’re sure to appreciate LUSH gifts this year!


Charlotte Tilbury is one of my all time favourite makeup brands currently. Each product smells amazing and works so well! Some of the items may be a bit out of your price range depending on what you’re hoping to buy, but they’re definitely worth every penny as the quality couldn’t be any better! You can buy from CT online or in your local department store. I received this package for free and haven’t used any other product since, l definitely be buying from them in the future.

Ted Baker do makeup! Not many people actually know that, which is a shame because their items are such amazing quality! I never thought that I’d buy Ted Baker makeup, as I always thought “they’re a clothing and accessories company, their makeup won’t be any good”, however I purchased their lipstick set from Boots and was nicely surprised as I’ve found that they last longer than any other non-matte lipstick I’ve had! It included 3 lipsticks and all were the current trends, as well as a rose gold mirror. Ted Baker also sell other items in Boots, and are currently 3 for 2 in the Boots Christmas sale!

You won’t be surprised when I say Too Faced has to be on this list. I use their products all the time and they seem to last forever! They have some stunning products with a huge range of colours! Their eyeshadow palettes always smell beautiful, and their Melted Matte lipsticks are the best I’ve ever had. I also can’t live without their Better Than Sex mascara! Just like the previous two brands they aren’t cheap, but they’re great quality, guaranteed to last and I’d definitely be over the moon if I received any Too Faced item as a Christmas gift!

Kiss are a false lash brand, and I have to come clean and admit that I very rarely ever use false lashes. In fact I’d only ever used them once before I got my Kiss lashes. They sent me a couple to try for free, and since then I’ve been really happy when using lashes. The quality is amazing, they have so many different styles and any lash-lover would probably be super happy to receive these as gifts!

One name… Joan Collins…. She now has her very own makeup range! I was lucky enough to be sent one of her lipsticks for free, and I can’t believe how good it was! No offence to Joan but I didn’t expect much, so when the lipstick turned out to be just as good as my expensive designer lipsticks I was well and truly gobsmacked. The packaging is trendy and the lipsticks are available in other colours too. She also has other makeup items however the lipstick is the only product that I’ve tried so I can’t really speak for the others.

KISS also do nails! I’ve always had bad nails since I bite them so much. And when I want professional-looking nails it takes a lot of time and money to make them perfect. With these false nails it’s so easy to stick them on, the range of colours are beautiful and they aren’t too long! They’re basically everything I’ve ever looked for in a set of nails. These were given to me for free but in future I’ll definitely be paying to buy some!

Soap and Glory always have beautiful products. Their style is very retro and pink, and I’m a huge fan of their bath products! Plus they do makeup too! If you know someone that loves simple makeup and subtle shades, then their Wonder Glam box would make a great gift!


New Look is my all time favourite clothing shop. I’ve never been disappointed by any of their products and I’m pretty sure that 90% of my wardrobe consists of their products! However, I’m going to focus on their shoes today. I can’t get enough of their shoes, boots, heels, etc etc! With so many colours to choose from as well as styles and sizes, I can’t recommend them enough!

Coast is a beautiful shop when it comes to clothes & accessories. The prices are very expensive but the quality is worth it. Their clothes are mostly for special occasions and fancy outings, e.g. proms and weddings or special parties. So if you’re planning to shop at Coast for someone special this Christmas, you might want to be sure they have an event coming up soon so that they can wear their outfit out & about!

Quiz is another favourite of mine, very similar to coast but definitely not as expensive (however the quality isn’t always amazing) BUT they have some very beautiful clothes for affordable prices! They sent me a lot of free items to review and I was happy with 80% of what I received, and they don’t just focus on party clothes anymore. You can buy shirts, shoes, jeans and skirts etc, whereas a few years ago they mostly focused on fancy outfits. If you know someone that’s obsessed with cute clothes then definitely buy them a Quiz outfit!

Now hear me out, Tesco’s F&F collection has some great finds…. I know to some people that may sound crazy as Tesco are a supermarket, but don’t mock their clothes until you’ve checked them out! I too used to be a doubter, but once I started buying from there I couldn’t stop. The quality of their clothes has definitely improved, as well as the range of items that they now sell! I’m always happy to get a coat, shoes, trousers or lounge wear from F&F!


SkinnyDipLondon is perfect for anyone that loves pink, sparkly, furry, over the top accessories. Their entire store is an explosion of pop culture and bright colours, as the cool kids say these days, it’s “soo extra”. They’re very well known for their phone cases, so obviously when they gave me a free £50 voucher I had to buy a case, and I loved it! They also make bags, pens, earphones, notebooks, pins, and so much more! If your friend is “extra” then they’re bound to love anything from this shop!

Any stationary lovers out there? Then you know all about Paperchase! Their vast range of stationary items as well as little house decorations is amazing! Need a pen? Paperchase! Need paper? Paperchase! Need a scrapbook? Paperchase! Need craft items? Paperchase! They very generously sent me a bundle of gifts to try out and I’m quite obsessed with their pens! They also sent me a personalised notebook which is available on their website to personalise with your friend or family’s name!

Casetify, the name pretty much explains itself. Ofcourse it’s phone cases! Unfortunately they’re only available online, however they’re 100% worth checking out! They have thousands of designs and prints, and each case is available as a leather case, a general snap case or protective case and also glitter cases! They’re extra protective wile also stylish and are available for most devices. You can even personalise a case to have your name or photos on it. They sent me a case for free as I’m a huge case-lover and I haven’t looked back since.

Tkmaxx and Homesense are my all time favourite furniture stores. I used to hate Tkmaxx as a kid, it felt more like a chore, but since finding so many amazing products I can’t stop going back! A lot of their products are one-offs or very limited and they have everything to suit any room! I love that when the seasons change their items change too, so during autumn I always pop in to buy autumnal items, and it’s the same for winter! I absolutely LOVEEEE both of these stores! A lot of my favourite pieces of furniture were bought from Tkmaxx.

If you know someone that loves games, why not buy a collector’s edition board game! I recently bought the Nintendo Monopoly board as I’m a huge fan of both. This was from TKmaxx but it’s also available online and in other stores!


Hotel Chocolat is my all-time favourite chocolate brand. Their products are made with more cocoa and less sugar so they’re extra rich in flavour. They even have a range of chocolates made from rare cocoa beans that most people wouldn’t usually ever get to taste! They frequently send me free items to promote and I usually eat them all within a few days. Plus, not many people know that they do a monthly subscription box sent straight to your home! I’m sure that anyone who receives hotel chocolat items this Christmas will be extremely pleased!

Bubbleology are a BubbeTea company. They make a range of different types of teas, ranging from milk teas to fruit teas to coffees. They include Tapioca balls and popping boba jellies in the bottom to eat while you drink. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea but once you start drinking them you just can’t stop! If you know someone that loves bubble tea or weird drinks, treat them to a Bubbleology this year!

Not into bubbletea but stills tea lover? Check out Or Tea! Their teabags are absolutely adorable, super bright and cute and each flavour of tea is different! These come all the way from Asia, and my favourites are the fruit teas. They’d make great presents as they’re really unique and perfect for winter nights.

Dunkin Donuts! That’s really all I can say…. just dunkin donuts. If someone bought me donuts for Christmas I’d be more than happy, and they aren’t too expensive!

Thank You for reading, and I hope that this gave you some ideas of what to buy this Christmas!

If you have any suggestions then please let me know!

See you guys in the next blog post,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 2 – My Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. Wow! You really went for it! 🙂

    I love that sequin top so much but I’d never be able to wear one because my hands are so sensitive to different textures. 😦 They always look so festive and fun though! I also love the cat print phone case! And that blue summer dress is beautiful! And I’m not into baby pink but that coat looks great on you! You’re very pretty! ♥

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