Temple Spa Home Experience

Hi everyone!

I’m sure many of you have already heard of the luxury brand Temple Spa, but if you haven’t then now is your chance to find out!

Temple Spa sell vegan-non-animal tested skincare products, and their representatives will come to your home completely free of charge! Our rep was Nicola Sutton.


She gave us a tester session where we got to find out about our skin and use each product that’s suitable for our skin types.

She set up the table for all of our guests and made everyone feel really relaxed and welcome with calming music, an extremely friendly personality and a wide knowledge of each product!

First of all she asked us to answer some questions about our skin, this was to find out which products would work best for each of us.

Then we started off with a cleanser. Nic taught us about the proper amount of product to use and showed us how to properly work it into our skin, then how to properly remove it afterwards.

Next was Masks and Scrubs. We dotted them around our face and gently massaged them into our skin. Once that was done we washed them off with a warm wet towel.

Then came toners, and special attention. We even managed to get Brad involved! He’s not usually a skin-care kinda guy, but he really enjoyed it and saw the big difference that it made to his skin.

Here are all of the different products that she brought and used!

If you’re wanting a reason to get all of your friends together for a relaxing experience that’s completely free, definitely book a home temple Spa visit!

If you’re wanting to book Nic or buy any of the temple Spa range, please use Nic’s link!


Thank You all for reading!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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