My Paperchase Review

Hi everyone!
This post will be about Paperchase and can hopefully help you guys find items or products that you may like to buy, or will encourage you to check out your nearest Paperchase store!

Paperchase is one of my all time favourite stationary brands and they have been generous enough to send me some free gifts, but I am not being paid to talk about these products and many of the items were bought by myself.

Paperchase’s themes change very often, so many of their items are limited edition or can only be bought at a certain time of the year before they’re gone.

For example a year or so ago they had a beach themed range, so they made beach notebooks, beach pens, beach bags, beach deco etc etc.

During that range I bought this seashell photoframe.

My only issue with this item is that the hole is a small circle so you have to cut your photos down to a very specific size to fit the frame.

The first item that they sent to me was this pink notebook. It was even personalised to have my name on it, which I’m obsessed with!

It’s small enough to carry in my bag and I use it to sketch my ideas.

The next item is a light box. I bought this myself, but because I own a Paperchase Treat Me card, I managed to save money on this item as I was given £5 to spend in store for my birthday.
It’s rose gold and comes with a lot of letters and emojis.

The only bad point I have about this item is that because of its very specific size, other Lightbox letters and numbers by other brands won’t fit into the box.

A theme that they had a while ago was all about fruit, but mostly Watermelons.
During that time I bought myself this giant watermelon bag which is perfect for picnics or days out at the beach!

They also sent me a pack of Pens and pastel Washi tapes!
These are super useful for when I’m sketching or filling out my scrap book, to give it that extra vibrant pop!

My 2 favourite items that Paperchase sent to me as gifs are the decorative geometric bowl & flower mug!

The bowl is a unique design in my absolute favourite colour, which I use to keep my Washi Tapes in!

While the flower mug is also unique and great for Instagram pictures.

(The flowers are fake)

Some of the more useful gifts that were sent to me are these picnic boxes!
The designs on them are really quirky, and I can use the boxes to store food. Another great feature is that due to the sizes, the fit inside each other to store away easier.

This copper storage box is also extremely useful for keeping my room tidy by hiding all of my junk under my bed!

My final item is this purple decorative cat candle!

My issue with this item is that it’s too damn cute to use!

That’s everything from Paperchase that I have!

If you have any suggestions for future posts then please let me know!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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