DIY Mermaid Costume

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first Halloween blog post!

As you can tell by the title, this will be a DIY of how I made my Halloween costume.

(Along with some help)

Me and Brad were invited to a Halloween party this year by some friends, and we wanted to do a couple-costume idea.

We decided on Mermaid and Drowned sailor.

Brad’s costume consisted of just a striped shirt, white jeans, a sailor hat from a fancy dress shop and a bandana around his neck. But mine wasn’t as simple…

I bought some shiny mermaid leggings from a fancy dress shop near me (they come in different colours but I chose pink).

I got 2 pairs so that 1 pair can be cut up and stitched together to be used as spare material on the tail since I couldn’t find matching material online.

I also had a bralette that I rarely ever wore, which I decided to use as the top / bra of the mermaid outfit.
I didn’t want a low-cut or just  general bra as I felt that it would be too revealing and not supportive enough.

My 15 year old sister decided that she wanted to give the tail a go, so she did her best at cutting and stitching the leggings together to make a skirt.

(She turned it inside out to do the stitching so the messy bits would be hidden)

If you want to do this too I’d recommend asking someone with experience or a professional seamstress to help you as to not hurt yourself or get it wrong.

We then had to create the flared bottom area of the skirt to make it look like a tail.

She used the spare material from the second pair of leggings, and cut along the seams to open them up into flat material, then cut those pieces into smaller squares which she then stitched together.

This made a long line of material which she then flared and stitched to the bottom of the skirt, leaving a slit down the side so that I could walk.

During the weeks it took to make my tail, I was also making the bralette.

I bought a cheap plastic shell-bra online, and removed the string.

Luckily my bralette was fabric, which made it easy to stitch on the shells in the right place. (The shells had 3 holes each where the string originally held them)

I painted the 2 plastic shells with silver paint and sprinkled purple glitter on top.

I soon realised that due to the bralette not having any hooks on the back, I found it difficult to fit the bralette over my head with the shells attached.
So I had to cut the back of my bralette and stitch on an old bra-hook to make taking the bra off/on easier.

Next came adding the decorations!

I tied netting and fake pearls around the big shells and across the bottom of my bralette. I didn’t need to glue or stitch them on as due to my bralette being covered in decorative holes, I could tie them on in knots.

After the above photo was taken of me wearing the bra, I added more tighter netting to the cleavage area, making the shells closer together and closed up at the front to cover my chest.

If you wanted to recreate this you could use as much/as little netting as you feel comfortable with. More netting = more coverage and a tighter front.

I wanted to keep the netting as messy-looking as possible to give the look of being caught in a fishing net. 

Then I added gems and fake pearls!

Next I hot-glued a few shells and gems.

(I scolded my finger with hot glue so please be very careful and ask for help if you need it! I had a painful blister on my finger for days!)

I added more shells and more netting until I was happy with the amount.

I also bought some small fake starfish and painted them different colours then stuck them on to add extra details.

And finally, I hot glued some starfish and shells to my hair grips. This way when they are pinned to my hair, it seems as though I have shells stuck to me!

I hope that you enjoyed my outfit and if you’re looking to recreate it, I hope that you find my tips helpful.

Have a great day and Happy Halloween!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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