The Botanist Sheffield’s 1st Birthday Event

Hi everyone!
A few days ago I attended The Botanist Sheffield’s 1 year birthday event.

Obviously because of my alcohol allergies I didn’t drink any actual alcohol, but I had 3 non-alcoholic drinks / mocktails while everyone else had cocktails.

I brought my friend Jess as my plus 1, and we were the first to arrive. We grabbed a table as we knew there would be around 100 people turning up despite there only being about 20 seats in a small section of the room. We stuck with Debra Bow and her +1 for the whole night.

I should also add that the lighting was very dark and poor so I was unable to get a photo to match my instagram theme and had to (very badly) edit the heck out of a photo just for it to be able to kind of match my instagram!

We went to the bar to get our drinks which took a while to be made, mostly because the Botanist focus’s more on how the drinks look and they take time getting it perfect. I had a lemonade while jess had a wine.

Eventually throughout the day more and more people turned up, until eventually there was no space to move. If I wanted to get to the bar or the bathroom I had to walk through a big crowd of people, most of whom couldn’t hear me shouting “excuse me!” over the music and talking.

In my personal opinion there were too many people for the size of the area, probably due to miscommunication between the brand and the PR event planner. The planner mentioned that this was her first event so I give her extreme respect for how well she handled the situation.

Food finally arrived but was only placed on 2-3 tables and was enough for about 5 people, so disappeared pretty fast. The only things left were the scraps that nobody else wanted to eat.

When we wanted to get a drink from the bar it took a long time to actually reach he bar itself. So many people were stood around it due to the lack of space that we had to go to a separate bar area around the corner, not in the event section, to get served. Even then due to the increase of people and lack of staff the drinks took a long time to be made.

We were told that more food would be on its way but most of my friends hasn’t eaten that day as they were saving themselves for the event, only to be there for 2 hours and not eat. So we had to cut the event short and leave to a nearby restaurant.

Overall the drinks were lovely, the atmosphere was lovely, the people were lovely, but I think that it was overbooked. I enjoyed the time that I spent there and would definitely go again, just hopefully with less people and more staff / food preparation next time!

Thanks for reading my blog and I’ll see you guys next time!
Best wishes ~ Becca x

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