Visiting The Luminarium

Hi everyone!

Here’s another quick travel blog!

I visited the Luminarium with my boyfriend Brad while it was in town. This is a giant inflatable art-piece that travels around and gives people the chance to step inside.

There isn’t a lot to say about this as I was only inside for around 15/20 minuets, but I thought that you guys would like to know a little bit about it.

Tickets to enter are around £3, but if you book in advance there may be an extra fee. However, it’s definitely worth booking in advance, as people with those tickets get inside faster than those who show up on the day.

You’re looking at around a 20-30min waiting time, sometimes more if it’s busy. This is because the Luminarium can only hold around 80 people at once, and the staff recommend having 15-20 minuets inside, while hundreds of guests que up outside.

You also have to remove your shoes, so remember to bring socks if you decide to visit!

Inside it’s filled with plenty of different tunnels, full of lights and music. The shapes and colours on the walls make a really great photo opportunity, so definitely take advantage of the cool shot opportunities while you’re there!

There was about 3-4 main areas, where the roofs and indoor designs were different, and that’s really all I can say!

It was interesting and definitely an opportunity that I probably won’t have again. I’d say it was worth the £3 I spent and I enjoyed the chance to see something so different to usual every-day life.

If you checked out the Luminarium, be sure to commended below! I’d love to read your reviews and keep an eye out for it in your town.

See you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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