Coast Meadowhall Event

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I attended an invitation-only event for Coast, a very expensive fashion store. My mum is a big fan of Coast so I invited her along as my +1.
Although most items of clothing were expensive, they were amazing quality and unlike any clothes I’d seen elsewhere before!

The staff were also very helpful and great fun, especially the Coast social media manager, so I really enjoyed my time at the event.

I even made an appearance on their instagram story with Shannonlxandra who was also at the event!

When we arrived we were given Goodybags and prosecco (which I didn’t drink because I’m allergic to alcohol but I used it as a prop for photos anyway)

At the desk there was a display of macaroons, all shimmery with gold flakes!

We had time to browse around the store and see their new items before anyone else, as the store hadn’t re-opened yet.

Most of their items are for very fancy occasions, with expensive dresses. It was £99 each for a skirt and a top (so that’s £198 for an outfit) but if you’re looking to splash out for a special occasion then you should definitely go for it!

The skirt and matching top combo would look beautiful for any bridesmaid or prom!

I didn’t intend on buying anything as the prices were a bit steep, but in our goodybags we had a “£20 off when you spend £120” voucher, and my mum decided to treat herself to a skirt and to treat me to a shirt.

I tried on a few fancy black tops and decided on the Rae Flocked Mesh Top (seen here on their website)

Overall it was a nice evening and it was really just a walk-in take a look around and leave anytime you want kind of event, but they did a good job.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I’ll see you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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