Visiting The Aqua Sana Spa – Center Parcs

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog.

I recently went to a spa with my mum for her birthday, and I though that this would be a nice opportunity to let you guys know about AquaSana.

It wasn’t cheap, but it was definitely worth every penny! Plus, it’s located in the middle of Sherwood Forrest, as part of the Center Parcs facility.

We were booked in for 11am – 6pm, however we left around 4pm as we’d eventually done everything there was to do.
Here is my review of the whole experience…

Arrival –

We arrived but had to park a bit of a walk away from the spa itself, due to the carpark being so busy. Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad as I’d hate to have had to walk back to the car through the woods in the rain.

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and behind the welcome desk are the changing room doors, where you collect your complimentary robe and towel.

There was a sign on the door saying no electronics but as I was putting my phone away, a woman approached me to say that she visits all the time and has never been asked to turn it off, and as I looked around most women had their’s too, so I kept it with me to take photos.

The spa-rep met us at the cafe and told us to order ourselves some breakfast, so we got some croissants, tea and a drink then headed into the spa.

The Spa –

The spa itself is absolutely gorgeous!

It has a Forrest theme (as it’s in the middle of a Forrest) and has trees, wood, plants and nature all around it.

There was constant relaxing music and relaxing bird noises playing into each room (usually I would hate things like that but this was a perfect amount)

Within the spa was a heated pool, which didn’t have a roof so you could look up at the sky.

Numerous saunas, steam rooms, relaxation rooms, ice rooms, shower rooms and each room had beds or giant chairs for laying on.

We roamed both of the 2 floors, as well as the outdoor treehouse sauna, which was made of wood, up in the trees, which overlooked the Forrest and a river.

There was even a freezing cold shower outside, which Ofcourse I had to take a photo in. I stood in the freezing cold outdoor shower for about a minuet, but eventually I couldn’t hold it in anymore and ran for my towel then straight into a sauna to warm up!

The massage – 

I was booked in for a neck, back and shoulder massage while my mum was booked in for a foot massage.

My masseuse was a very pretty young woman, who did a really great job with massaging me, it felt AMAZING.

She asked me what I wanted and what I didn’t like, and also checked that she wasn’t pushing too tight. She didn’t speak to me otherwise during this time, but I preferred it that way as I didn’t speak to her and chose to relax. (She would have spoken if I’d chosen to, she was just being polite)

The only problems I had with the massage were because of myself, not at all the masseuse. I found it hard to relax as I was naked, and had never let anyone touch my naked body, or see my bum like that other than those closest to me.

So the entire time I was thinking internally “ahh this is so strange please don’t look at my bum ahh”. However, I’m sure I’ll get over that awkwardness once I’ve had a few more massages and gotten used to it. It is their job after all, they’ll see plenty of naked people daily.

The second issue was because of my chest deformity. As she made her way to just under my shoulder blades, I could feel my bones moving / popping (not in a cracking or painful way, I don’t know any other words to describe it. She was just rubbing her fingers over my back and pushing the bones so they moved a bit but it wasn’t that strange, those bones move when your arms and shoulders do anyway) HOWEVER, on my Poland Syndrome affected side, the muscle in that area is deformed, so while she was massaging it, she couldn’t find the muscle and I couldn’t feel much in that area, which made me self-conscious.

After the massage we were moved to a room surrounded by glass. Outside of the glass were trees, and even a squirrel came by to the windows every so often.

This room had unlimited free fruit tea, beds with blankets, calming music & was the kind of room I’d dream about if someone asked me to think of a perfect place.

I didn’t want to ever leave that room. It felt like I was in heaven honestly, but we had to move on for lunch.

The spa #2 –

The lunch was slightly disappointing as there wasn’t much to choose from, and it was all very health-orientated, but I’m sure others would love it depending on your food-tastes. (Give me a 20 McNuggets share box with 2 chocolate milkshakes and a kfc boneless bucket pls)

After lunch we continued around the spa where we went into every room about 5 times, we even found a very dark room where my mum accidentally sat on someone (sounds unbelievable and like something out of a movie but I promise it actually happened and was the most awkward situation), and eventually decided on a quiet room which overlooked the Forrest.

In most of the rooms, people were asleep or resting, as each room had beds and blankets and everyone was warned to be quiet in each of the rooms.

So, we decided to take a nap. There were other people in the room too who were awake, and others who were asleep, but I was so relaxed and tired I just fell asleep. This is sully really difficult for me as I can’t even sleep in cars, buses, trains or planes etc. (I once flew from England to New York and didn’t sleep once), even in my own bed I struggle to relax enough to sleep, so sleeping in front of strangers is something I never thought I’d do.

Once we woke up an hour later we decided to head home, and I really didn’t want to leave.

It was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and amazing experiences I’ve ever had!

For the entire time, it felt as though I’d never had anxiety, everything in life was going to be okay, and negativity didn’t exist. I almost forgot what sadness or depression felt like, and I haven’t been that chilled out since as long as I can remember.

Centre Parc’s spas are located across the country, and they aren’t cheap but I definitely 100% recommend their spas! I’d easily say that it changed my life and reminded me what relation felt like!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog and I’ll see you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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