Hotel Chocolat – Limited Edition Autumn Collection Review

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog.
Now it’s autumn, Hotel Chocolat have released an autumn range with some amazingly cute chocolates.
All of these were gifted to me through the post or by the Meadowhall store. I brought them to work and asked everyone to rate each chocolate out of 10.

Here’s what they said…
Apple crumble – 8/10

Ultimate caramel – 9/10

Supermilk Cesar -9/10

The Acorn -10/10

Tipsy sticky toffee pudding – 9/10 

Salted caramel vodka – 5/10

Hedgerow blackberry – 7/10

Cashew nuts – 6/10

Travel tart – 7.5/10

Walnut Praline – 9/10

Florentine Isabelle – 7/10

Baked Banana – 5/10

Dark chocolate – 8/10

Overall I’d say that the autumn collection is definitely one that’s worth buying!

You can get the H box, which has one of everything or smaller boxes which include selected chocolates.

The autumn collection is limited edition so if you’re hoping to get your hands on them, I’d recommend going now!

Hotel Chocolat are a brand that I’ve worked with promitonally for months now, and they’ve always been amazingly generous and kind to me. They’re one of my all-time favourite chocolate brands, and I reccomend them 100%!

Thank You for reading my blog! I hope that this helped you make a decision on wether or not to buy the Hotel Chocolat autumn edition!

If you have any suggestions for future posts or want me to review anything else, please let me know!

Best wishes ~ Becca

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