My Quiz Clothing PR Gifts Review

Hi everyone! Today’s post is going to be about the clothing brand Quiz.

I’m a big fan of Quiz, so a few months ago when they reached out to me and asked if I’d promote them I almost cried! They sent me 2 packages full of clothes and gifts. So today I’m going to blog about my favourite items by them! Some of the clothes are gifts and others are items that I bought myself.

(I was not paid by Quiz to promote them so this is not a sponsored post)

The item of theirs that I definitely wear most often, and that I paid for myself, are these ripped floral jeans.

They go with most of my shirts, are a tight fit so make me feel confident with my figure and are amazing quality! Plus, the floral embroidery design is beautiful!

Next is the green Bardot shirt.

You’ve probably seen me wear this a lot on my Instagram and YouTube and it’s definitely one of my go-to outfits. I feel like I can wear it for every day purposes but also for going out too!

I usually pair it with the Quiz black shiny leggings that were gifted to me.

The black and pink dress that was gifted to me is honestly on of my favourite dresses that I own. I really only save it for special occasions.

It’s tight fitting, off the shoulder, and so comfortable!

These shoes! I don’t know where to start! They’re my favourite colour, they’re gorgeous, have amazing detail, and super stylish and go with most of my outfits! They fit me perfectly, but because of my hyper mobile legs I can’t walk well in stiletto heels! I’d never be able to wear these shoes out and about but I can’t let them go as they’re just so me, so I usually use them for Instagram photo purposes.
They have also reposted my photo of their shoes to their own Instagram account twice!

Now, the white playsuit. This item was gifted to me also, but I’m not always 100% a fan. Mostly because of the mesh v neck. Due to my Poland Syndrome I struggle to wear clothes that show off my cleavage, so I don’t wear this too often, but I’m sure that other people would!

The black dress is also one that I have a love-hate relationship with. I love Bell-sleeves, and if I’m going out it’s a great dress to wear, but the sleeves definitely get in the way when eating food.

Quiz also sent me this amazing envelope bag. It’s perfect for parties or meals, and the chain can be tucked inside to become a clutch bag.

Finally, the blue denim dress. I absolutely love it and never want to take it off. However, it’s rather short for me (I know for other people it may not be). I’m always worried that people may be able to see up my dresses when they aren’t tight fitting so I struggle to find suitable places to wear this item.

That was my review of the clothes that Quiz gifted to me! (unless stated otherwise) I hope that this made you guys want to check out their website or pop into their store as they definitely have some hidden gems and are worth the money!

Thank You so much for reading my blog, and if you have any suggestions for future posts, be sure to let me know!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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