Why I Deleted My Old Instagram Account

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my 2nd blog post about Instagram.

Today I’m going to talk to you guys about my old Instagram account.

Not many people may know that I had a previous Instagram account a few years ago.

It eventually gained 64,000 followers over the space of about 4-5 years! (I basically started using Instagram right at the start)

This is one of the 2 only screenshots I have from my old account before I deleted it.

You may be thinking “Why would you delete a 64k account?!”

Well that’s what I’m here to explain.

Everyone was inactive!

Here’s the only other screenshot that I have.

This shows that I would only get 1,000 likes despite having 64,000 followers.

I’d had my account for so long that everyone who followed me originally had either stopped using their account, didn’t enjoy my photos, or were just meme/spam accounts.

I knew that if I started a knew account, only people that genuinely liked my photos and cared about what I had to say would follow me there. Not spam or dead accounts.


I started off as a meme account!

That’s right, I would upload memes and funny photos. I didn’t take my account seriously. I had the odd personal photo but I just loved funny stuff.

Most of my followers came around that time and once I changed to a full-time personal account, people didn’t enjoy my content anymore.


I got fake followers!

I can’t lie and say that I’ve never “bought” fake followers, because right at the very start of my account, I did.

ALTHOUGH, I never spent any money!

It was more of a “follow a load of people and you’ll get points. Then spend those points on getting free followers” kinda thing.

But I was 13-14 years old and didn’t really realise that the followers weren’t real people!

I didn’t think that anything was wrong with what I was doing as I believed I was following people and they were following me so we were helping eachother out, it didn’t seem seedy or a scam.

Plus, I honestly only got about 1,000-2,000 fake followers that way, I didn’t do it a lot.

Once I decided to take my account seriously, I didn’t want to lie to the brands who I represented, and I felt absolutely guilty about how stupid I’d been and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. So I had a clear out and blocked all of the fakes but still felt like I was living a lie. (Omg so dramatic)


My photos were stolen!

To keep this story short and sweet (I’ll make a full blog post about it when I can), a fashion design student asked me to send her photos of me wearing socks and heels as she was asking a lot of people for a collage she was making.

She uploaded the pics to her account, but some creepy people with extreme foot-fetishes screenshot my photos and uploaded them to their foot-porn accounts.

This made a lot of creepy people start to message and harass both me and my followers. And when I and a few others reported them for stealing my photos and harassing me, I got blocked by Instagram and was accused of harassing them!

I didn’t feel safe after that and realised that the Instagram support team were abysmal and I still feel the same about them as anytime I’ve had an issue they’ve refused to help & constantly change things without warning.

(I don’t have anything against anyone with any kind of fetish as long as you’re 2 consenting adults and aren’t hurting anyone!)


I didn’t like my theme!

I’d never had a theme previously, so when I decided to start one I just wasn’t happy with it.

Everything was overly edited and didn’t feel right to me.

It was too dark and a random mess, and I felt like no matter how hard I’d have tried to clean it up, it just wouldn’t have worked.

I’d rather have started fresh with a theme that I like.


I was following too many people!

I was super grateful to everyone that followed me back then, and wanted to follow everyone back no matter who they were as a way to say thank you.

But once I reached 7,500 following, I was told by Instagram that I couldn’t follow any more!

I felt awful because I didn’t want people to be left out by me not following them back and felt that everyone should have been treated equally.

So it took me months but I went through and unfollowed everyone except the people that I knew in person.

After that I felt awful that I didn’t follow anyone back.


I couldn’t give it away!

Once I’d made the decision to get rid of my account, I had so many people asking me to give my account to them.

I couldn’t understand why anyone would want 64k followers when they’d only get 1k likes or even less.

And I felt that it wasn’t fair to give the account to just 1 person as so many people asked.

So I deactivated it!

(For some reason you can only “temporarily deactivate” an account and it will reopen once you come back to it, but I left it alone for so long and changed the password so that even I wouldn’t remember)

I hope that this answered some questions that you may have had, and shows you that followers don’t equal happiness.

I do often regret deleting it as now I would have made a lot more money from promoting, but I can understand why I did what I did.

It was too much stress for 15/16 year old me to be under at that time in my life.

If you have any suggestions or anything you want me to talk about next time then please let me know!

See you guys in the next blog!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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