Bilou PR Package Review

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to review the amazing PR Gifts sent to me by Bilou.

I was woken up at 8am by a knock on the door so I rushed downstairs to find the postman with a giant box for me, I opened it up and these were inside!

If you didn’t already know, Bilou is a German company that has recently started to sell products here in England! There available in selected Superdrug stores and online.

They very generously sent me a HUGE bag full of gifts, and I can’t contain my excitement.

They even included an adorable hand-written letter from Xin who is the lovely woman that I spoke to via Bilou’s official email, which I’ll keep in my scrapbook forever!

I’ll start with the 2 in 1 body sprays.

They can be used as deodorants or just as body sprays, which is amazing for me as deodorants rarely work against my extreme sweatiness (eww gross I know) but these work amazingly well! It’s like some kind of miracle.

Bilou sent me the scents Coco Cocktail and Fizzy Berry. They smell exactly as you’d expect them to and almost good enough to eat!

I’m a HUGE coconut fan so Coco Cocktail will definitely be kept in my bag at all times!

Next are the gentle cream foams, which are basically moisturisers in foam-form. You spray them onto your dry skin and rub them in until they’re absorbed.

I’ve never had a moisturiser that comes out of the bottle like a light fluffy foam before so this is amazing to me!

I got the fizzy berry scent again and a cotton candy foam too!

The cotton candy scent definitely smells sweet but it reminds me more of a general moisturiser smell rather than cotton-candy.

Finally are these creamy shower foams! You spray these onto your skin while wet, rub them in and then wash them off just like a shower gel.

I’m a huge bath fan, so I’ll be using these every time I have a bath. I have enough to probably last me until the end of the year, or more! They’re super light-weight yet thick, and the smells last for so long on your skin!

They came in the scents Tasty Donut, Pink Melon, Cotton Candy, Coco Cocktail and Fizzy Berry.

These are all of the current products available in the UK

However, they’re also available in scents such as Lovely Peach, Vanilla Cakepop, Chocolate Cupcake, Slushy Apple and many many more in Germany.

If I had to rate my favourite smells from most favourite to least favourite, I would say:

1. Coco Cocktail

2. Cotton Candy

3. Pink Melon

4. Fizzy Berry

5. Tasty Donut

I hope that this encourages you to go out and buy Bilou’s products to try for yourself! They’re £3.99 per bottle in Superdrug and I recommend them 100%. They’re definitely one of my new favourite brands and would make great gifts for friends or even for yourself!

See you guys in my next blog post!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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