Charlotte Tilbury PR Package Review

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my Charlotte Tilbury PR package review.

I’m really excited to share this with you all as I know a lot of you love CT!

I spoke to the lovely people over at Charlotte Tilbury via email, and they offered to send me some free bits to try out. I didn’t know what I was going to receive and didn’t expect much so this is a huge surprise for me!

The package arrived as a purple box with a letter attached (this was just the receipt)

Inside the box was a Moisturiser, a primer and a powdered contour palette.

Each little packaged item was really great quality with super cute small details.

Let’s start with the Primer. It can be worn under foundation or as foundation. The formula is really creamy and light, meaning it’s extremely easy to blend into your skin.

I was worried that this product would be too dark for my skin tone as I have such a light complexion, but it suits me perfectly and will definitely be something that I’ll use in my day-to-day life. 10/10 from me.

The Magic Cream moisturiser is good but I definitely wouldn’t pay £70 for it. I’d say that it does the same as any other drugstore moisturiser but is very nicely packaged.

I wouldn’t suggest anyone to spend so much money on a moisturiser but if you’re a skincare lover then you will probably appreciate this product and should definitely give it a go if you can afford it.

It has a thick creamy texture which absorbed into my skin very well, but I’m not a huge fan of the rose-milk smell. (At least that’s what it smells like to me) I’m not a huge moisturiser user so others who are huge fans may notice the difference, but to me I’d give this item a 7/10.

Finally is the Film star Bronze & Glow contour palette. It comes in a powder form, with sculpt and highlight options.

The bronzer is very pigmented so I would recommend using only a small amount of this product.

The highlight is also very pigmented and shiny rather than glittery and doesn’t have any pink colouring in it (which my other highlighters have).

I don’t often contour my face however I’m really happy with this product so will probably use if often. I give it a 9/10 mostly because of the highlighter being so amazing!

That’s all for my reviews, thank you so much Charlotte Tilbury for my gifts! I’m super grateful and appreciate it hugely, you’ve been an amazing brand to have the chance to work with and I will 100% recommend your products to everyone!

See you guys in the next blog post!
Best wishes ~ Becca x 

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury PR Package Review”

  1. that’s amazing! ive heard how great charlotte tilbury is and ive always wanted to try out the products but don’t have the money to as of right now! what a nice package from them

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