My Worst Dating / Crush Experiences

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog.
Today I’m going to tell you about some of my worst experiences with guys and dating.

Brad is my only ever relationship and even my first kiss, but I have had “boyfriends” or crushes on guys back in highschool. All of which didn’t end well…

My first crush was on a guy called James. (Not his real name) He wasn’t the most attractive or popular guy, but he was kind to me and spoke to me every single day.

Even though I really liked him a lot and could see a future with him, he always put me 2nd best. He even had a few “girlfriends” during the time we were talking about being together. He never called me his girlfriend, but he definitely acted like my boyfriend when we were alone talking late at night.

After a few years I told him that I was fed up of being second best and we stopped seeing eachother. He’s still a really nice guy and I don’t have any bad feelings towards him. We stayed friends and I’m glad that he’s now in a happy relationship.

Pretty much during the entirety of school, I had a crush on “James”. So once that was over I decided to try and make myself move on from him and started to like a guy named Carl (not his real name)

Carl was a typical football / car loving guy, and we’d hangout with a group of friends most days at the park. We text eachother sometimes but it was always me that had to initiate a conversation. I liked him a lot but mostly because I wanted to just force myself to get over James.

One day Carl told one of our friends that he prefers girls with large boobs and that he would never be with someone like me with small boobs… I felt pretty upset and just forced myself to move on yet again.

Next was a guy who I’ll name Christopher. (not his real name) He would visit my house often when I was home alone. Nothing ever happened between us but I did like him a lot. We’d Skype and jokingly flirt back and forth, but it was a known-fact that he liked plenty of other girls, and was friends with the popular kids.

He really liked my best friend at the time and once she got into a relationship he decided that he wanted me. But I knew that I was just a back-up plan and felt 2nd best yet again, so we stopped talking too.

A few years later we reconnected and went on a few dates, but by this point he was a completely different person and it didn’t work out.

Next was a guy who became my boyfriend for a week. We met online playing minecraft and discovered that we went to the same school. I’ll call him John (not his real name)

He asked me to be his girlfriend after I mentioned that I wouldn’t say no if he ever asked. However, he kept asking me to go to his house and I always declined. I’d never spoken to him in person, even though we passed eachother in the hallway regularly.

He started to get very annoyed that I wouldn’t go to his house, but I knew that if I did, he’d want to kiss me or even worse… (which I’d never done before) Whenever I asked John to meet me at school he’d never show up, so after only 7 days of being his girlfriend I told him that it was over. 

I then found out that he’d been seeing another girl while being my boyfriend and he ended up getting into a relationship with my ex-best friend for a few years.

Finally, I’ll talk about a guy who I didn’t necessarily have a crush on, but who I went on a date with.

I’ll call him Travis (not his real name). Everyone would swoon over him, but I always found him pretty weird. I think he asked me on a date because I was the only girl that wasn’t drooling over him. Everyone convinced me to go, but I didn’t feel comfortable being alone with him, so we went on a double date with 2 of my friends.

We got coffee and it went really well! We had a lot in common, until it was time to leave. He asked me to kiss him, so I gave him a really quick and awkward kiss. But then he asked “what? You aren’t going to make out with me?” I just backed away and tried to laugh about it. I never kissed him again.

A few days later he asked me to show him my boobs on Skype, and ofcourse I said no. This led to him saying “I don’t think we’re meant to be together” and I agreed.

A year or 2 later I completely changed how I looked, and I bumped into him again. He seemed really surprised and started to text me, asking me to go to his house so he can apologise for what happened last time. I was already dating Brad and I declined to meet Travis but he kept persisting, so I had to block his number.

I’m extremely happy that I waited for Brad to come along before I got into a real relationship. I think that I did the right thing by waiting and not giving myself to just anyone. I knew that I loved Brad and he loved me, and that we had the chance of a real future together. I still feel the same way 3 years into our relationship!

I wouldn’t change a thing about any of the guys in my past, as I think that those experiences helped me to become who I am today.

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If you have any bad date / crush stories then please tell me as I love hearing about other people’s experiences!

See you guys in the next post,

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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