My Lipstick Reviews – Are Expensive Designer Lipsticks Worth It?

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my blog yet again!

Today I’m going to review lipsticks! Are pricey designer lipsticks worth it or even better than cheaper lipsticks?

I’m here to find out!

Let’s start with the YSL lipshine. Technically it’s not marketed as a “lipstick”, but it adds colour and shine to your lips, and is in the shape of a lipstick, so I’m going to class is as one anyway. It also has a very fruity smell and taste.

The only issue I have with this is that because it’s more shiny than coloured, it doesn’t stay on my lips for very long. I have to reapply it again and again throughout the day. 

Next is a red UrbanDecay lipstick. I don’t often wear red lipsticks unless it’s for photos or a very special occasion. It’s a very bright red, like a red lipstick should be, but also very similar to many other cheaper red lipsticks out there.

But I guess you can’t make all red lipsticks different as they’re all the same colour. However, it stays on for a very long time and has a very soft and easily applyable texture.

Third is the TooFaced Melted Matte nude coloured liquid lipstick. It comes with an applicator wand rather than as a lip-“stick or “bullet” design. It dries pretty much instantly and is a really nice consistency. It’s currently my favourite matte liquid lipstick out there!

It’s also great for over-drawing lips. (Which…. I…… definitely….. don’t…… do……. possibly……)

I bought this Orangey-Red Rilakkuma lipstick by A’pieu at London’s China Town. The main reason that I bought it is because I love Rilakkuma! 

It’s a vibrant orangey-red colour which is great for orange summer looks or festivals. However, this lipstick smudges very easily as it doesn’t dry Matte.

The Pink MaxFactor lipstick is just too light for me. I find it difficult to find a perfect shade for me as everything is either too light or too dark!

However I did like the fact that it wasn’t too strong in colour and was more muted than pigmented. 

Nude NYX Lingerie liquid matte lipstick. I had this exact same lipstick but in a darker colour and it was perfect for me, until my local Boots stopped selling them (I think they discontinued the Lingerie line then brought them back with a new formula).

This colour is definitely too light for me. It makes my lips look lighter than they actually are! I’d also say that the new formula is definitely not as good as the TooFaced Melted Matte lipstick as it was full of little lumps and bits that would not look good on any lips. I wouldn’t reccomend this item.

When liquid matte lipsticks first became popular, I went out and bought this Dark Red Newlook Pure Colour liquid matte lipstick.
It was my first ever liquid matte and at the time I was always wearing bold makeup with a dark lip. I’d definitely still use this lipstick if I needed a dark-lip look in the future. The formula is a lot better than other mattes I’ve used (except TooFaced).

Finally, this Dark Pink ColourPop liquid matte lipstick is one that I don’t wear often. When I bought it (from my cousin who had ordered 2 of the same colour by accident) the colour looked a lot lighter, but once it arrived I realised how dark it is.

Update: I tried to remove this lipstick with a makeup-removing wipe after taking my example photo, and it would not wipe off. Each of the previous lipsticks were easy to remove with 1 wipe but this left a pink stain on my hand. You can even see on the wipe where the darkness of the colour had worn off and turned to pink. I even resorted to wiping it off on my fabric stool (which is covered in makeup anyway) and it still wouldn’t come off! As I’m typing this it’s been about half an hour since I took the photos and I still have a bright pink circle on my hand despite doing more lipstick swatches over the top and then wiping off easily. I would not recommend this item unless you want to be stained pink.

Overall, I would say that I’m a lot happier with my more expensive YSL, Too Faced and Urban Decay lipsticks. I think they were worth the extra money as the quality and packaging are a lot nicer than my other lipsticks.

I hope that this helped you in making your decision of which lipstick you should buy!
If you have any suggestions for future blog posts please let me know!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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