My August Favourites

Hi everyone! These are my 10 August Favourites!
1: Missguided Babe Power

I cannot stop wearing my Babe Power perfume! I think I’ve worn it almost every day!

Hopefully next month I’ll find a new perfume to love so I can switch it up a little bit.

2: Toofaced Better Than Sex Mascara

I’ve been using Toofaced’s mascara since before August, but it’s honestly my all-time favourite mascara currently that works well for me!

I’ve tried other mascara’s but they just haven’t been as good on my lashes.

I have quite long lashes and Better Than Sex really does live up to its name.

3: John Frieda secret agent hair serum

Anyone who knows me well knows that my hair is the most frizziest hair when it’s down.

Which is why I keep it in a ponytail most of the time.

No matter what I do when my hair is down it always looks a mess and is out of control!

But whenever I do have my hair down, for whatever occasion, this John Frieda serum actually genuinely tames my frizz and makes my hair shiny!

It’s like some kind of miracle.

 4: Morphe Eyeshadow Palette

I have quite a few different eyeshadow palettes, but none are as pigmented as this.

The latest trend in eyeshadow has been reds and browns, which this palette has plenty of.

It’s perfect for the kind of eye-look I tend to go for and I can’t get enough of it.

5: Bubbletea by Bubbleology

For years I’ve seen bubbletea online and wondered what it tasted like.

Finally a store opened up near me and I had the chance to try one!

It’s been there a while now but I’m still obsessed.

So far I’ve tried most of the flavours, and my favourite has been the Strawberry&Banana blitz, Vanilla, Passionfruit and Mango.

I reached out to Bubbleology to ask if they needed promoters and they said that they do, so they sent me a Black Card which means that I get 2 free bubbleteas whenever I go to a Bubbleology store.

And I am 100% eternally grateful to have that opportunity as I’m a genuine fan of theirs!

They also invited me to their big London event but I was unable to go…

6: YSL lipshine lipstick.

It’s not necessity a “lipstick” but lately I’ve been keeping my makeup as minimal and as natural as possible. I haven’t worn winged eyeliner or bright lipsticks much, only mascara, natural coloured eyeshadows and lipgloss. When I discovered the YSL lipshine I was looking to buy a YSL a lip balm, but the one in my colour had sold out. So I tried to LipShine and it worked just as good! I bought it and haven’t looked back since. It gives my lips the perfect tint and shine, while still looking minimal and natural.

7: My own article!

Yes, that’s correct! I was asked to write an article a few months ago for Amoena all about my Poland Syndrome to help them raise awareness, and it’s been published! It’s currently available on their website (I’ll add a link), and it will be published globally in all different languages!

I never ever thought that I’d be an article writer, and I don’t plan on doing it full-time as I have a possible job/career lined up. But I’m really grateful to have been given the chance to let my creative writing skills show and to help women all across the globe with Poland Syndrome.

Link –

8: Pink Sunglasses

These sunglasses are from CoconutLaneUK and are completely in-trend right now. If you watched Love Island you’ve probably seen plenty of the girls wearing similar glasses to these, as reflective simple wire frames are all the rage currently.

If you want to save 20% on these glasses (they come in different colours too) use my code “beccabutcher20” when you checkout of the CoconutLane website. They also come with a free glasses case!

9: Blue GlamGlow Facemask

Glamglow currently have a limited edition blue Sonic The Hedgehog Gravity Mask collection. The mask helps to tighten your skin, and is mostly just fun to use. It also comes in silver!

The lovely GlamGlow company sent me some to try out for free and I can’t stop using them as I’m obsessed with Skincare!

10: Adidas Gazelles

I’ve never thought that I’d own anything adidas, but recently I’ve been doing a lot more walking than usual, and if I get the job I want this month then I’ll have plenty more walking to do then too. I’ve never owned a good quality pair of walking shoes or trainers, so I decided to invest in some Gazelles as they’re more of the style that I’d want from a pair of trainers, and they’re my favourite colour!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and I’ll upload my September favourites next month!

Thank you for reading and see you guys in the next post!
Best wishes ~ Becca x

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