First Time Trying Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Hi everyone, Today I’m talking about Jeffree Star Cosmetics, this is the first time I’ve ever tried or bought any of his products. I bought a liquid lipstick in the shade Gemini (because I’m a gemini…) and an ammunition lipstick bullet in the shade Unicorn Blood. All other products are my friend Katie’s. I also… Continue reading First Time Trying Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Lush Bath Art PR Unboxing

Hi everyone, Today I’m showing you my lush blogger mail / PR gifts. You can also watch my video unboxing and demonstrating each product here - I was gifted a box full of goodies by Lush’s lovely PR team, and inside we’re some of the most amazing products I’ve seen by lush so far!… Continue reading Lush Bath Art PR Unboxing

Primark PS… Chocolate Range

Hi everyone! I’m sure you’ve seen by now that Primark have released some new “chocolate” makeup in their PS... range, and they look a LOT like Too Faced’s products. So today I’m going to talk about their items and decide wether their items really are as good as TooFaced or wether you should save your… Continue reading Primark PS… Chocolate Range