Fox KL5 Series Electronic Pressure Switches

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Product description

Fox KL5 Series Electronic Pressure Switches from Hydraulic Megastore

KL5 electronic pressure switches permit the actuation of an electronic micro-switch upon reaching a predetermined pressure setting and to the adjustable hysteresis value of re-listing adjustable full-scale. The maximum operating point is found acting on the right button “+MAX” put on top of the instrument; to decrease the value acting on the button “-MAX”. The minimum pressure operating point (hysteresis) is found by acting on the keys to the left of the instrument (MIN). The red LED, located above the keyboard settings, will be illuminated once that the key is correctly pushed. The LED housing in the connector, initially green, signal the operating of the relay becoming red. The instrument, completely solid state, is completed devoid of parts or electro-mechanical dynamics.

Technical Features

Body: In anodised aluminium
Fluid connection port: In AISI 316L stainless steel
Assembly: In every position
Working temperature: -20°C to +80°C
Switching frequency: 200 cycles/min
Switching accuracy: ±1% of the end of scale to 20°C
Hysteresis value: Adjustable gap between the 2% and 95% of the settled value
Weight: 0.3 Kg
Mechanical life: 10×106 cycles at 20°C

Electric Features

– Standard power supply: 24V DC +/-10% (on request 12V DC)
– Electric connection according to DIN 43650
– Electric protection according to DIN 40050: IP65
– Maximum contact load: 0.5 amp at 24V DC
– Medium consumption 20 mA
– Involatile memory: EEPROM

On Request

– Execution for working pressure until 700 bar
– Execution with regulation range -1 > 0 bar
– Execution with M12 electric contact for connector in accordance with IEC60947-5-2

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