Metline Stainless Steel PTFE Hose

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Product description

Our Metline hose has a PTFE inner layer which is smooth on the inside but convoluted on the outside.

The advantage of Metline hose over regular smoothbore PTFE or convoluted PTFE is that it has a better bend radius than the smoothbore, but also better flow characteristics than the convoluted, due to actually having a smooth inner.


  • High quality product
  • Competitively priced
  • Increased flexibility

Another great advantage of this hose is that you do not need to use a de-convolution tool to be able to assemble hoses. Also you can use a standard swaging head with standard inserts.

This hose requires a Metline ferrule, available in mild steel and stainless steel.

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*Price shown is per metre of hose